With heart and mind since 2013

We brought the first food truck to Austria in 2013 without any gastronomic experience and thus learned the nuts and bolts of the food business the hard way. Within 7 years we were able to expand the concept to a catering arm with 400+ events per year, a restaurant and since 2017 also the co-working kitchen Herd Open Kitchen. The goal has always been to provide better food for everyone.

"there is no conflict between a better meal and a better world" - René Redzepi's statement is not only true for us, but also for many new food entrepreneurs, and so it was clear to us from the beginning that we would work together with competitors and not compete in order to be able to offer better food solutions for everyone as a collective.


What is our goal?

We want to make it easier for food businesses along the entire value chain (farm to table) to navigate the rapidly changing industry and build sustainable and profitable businesses. to navigate the rapidly changing industry and build sustainable and profitable businesses.


How do we achieve this?

By bundling resources, network and know-how in one location, we reduce barriers to entry, risk and provide answers you can't just Google to pave the way for projects to succeed.

What we do

We offer the right building blocks at the right time for all food projects. A fully equipped production kitchen, sufficient cooling space, access to important partners, networking with other founders on our platform can be decisive, especially at the beginning. Everything is possible without a large upfront investment and can be booked on a modular basis.

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Our team

Matthias Kroisz

Co-Founder, Operations

Marko Ertl

Co-Founder, Marketing, Finance

David Weber

Co-Founder, Head of Kitchen

Partner programmes

As a one-stop shop for projects in the food sector, we are always looking for partnerships with experts, institutions and brands who share our vision and want to support food start-ups.